Trauma Informed Yoga with Sophia


I offer Trauma informed yoga healing sessions 

Trauma is held in the body. We can't talk ourselves out of it. It is a process of rediscovering our bodies, and learning to tap into our inner tools or resources to regulate. 

In a private Trauma informed session, you are guided to feel a sense of safety in your body, and learn what movements and practices feel good for you. It is a guided process of self-discovery and acceptance.


I am offering a special intro rate for these sessions

Private Sessions:

3 healing sessions for $160 dollars (in my home or via Skype)

or $200 (in your home)

or 1 intro sessions for $75 dollars

Small Group Sessions (skype prices are the same)

3 sessions for $200 (minimum of 2 people)

1 session for $100 (minimum of 2 people)

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