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Join me in your journey to become a yoga teacher...


I am so honored and humbled to help lead teacher trainings at Abhaya Yoga in Brooklyn, NY alongside Joy Radish, Tara Glazier, and Aaron Angel. 

As a graduate of both Abhaya's 200 & 300 hour trainings, I can attest to the quality and integrity of these programs. These trainings empower students to find their own unique  teaching voice, and 75% of Abhaya's graduates are currently teaching worldwide.

I am a passionate believer in the Abhaya Method because it helped me heal injuries and connected me to my body more fully. The Abhaya method focuses on returning the body to it's natural state to enhance the breath and let  energy flow freely. Through a deep body awareness, and alignment principles, students release habitual gripping and holding patterns, allowing them to feel more free, and comfortable in their bodies. 

I also infuse my trauma informed teaching as well as body image healing practices into the training. 

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